Rich Son’s book

My views on the concern raised in the book ‘Why we want you to be rich’ by Donald J. Trump – Robert T. Kiyosaki

Writers feel that America is at the verge of economic crisis. Rich are becoming richer and poor poorer. Their concern is valid in one of the social theories. In any society there’s always be huge variance in the income level. However, all the participants of social structure complement each other. Therefore rich gets opportunity to invest for society by some enterprise, welfare, charity or other kind of money generating activities. Though it is beneficial for all, it concerns America basically because of globalization. Most of the highly paid jobs are being transferred to low cost countries like India or China. This cost advantage is making rich American richer. The writers are right when they argue that this is not helping middle class. Socialism is shaking. And I agree with writers suggestions for American to start looking for on their own instead of demanding it from government.

At one place in book Robert writes that American middle class have two choices; one, to decide whether they want to be rich or poor being in America or migrate to countries like India or china where middle class is growing. However he also warns that living standard of poor in America is far superior to that of India or china. I somewhat agree to this view point. The only difference in living standard of Indians vs. Americans is the quality of infrastructure. Rest, money is appreciating and India stand for the 4th position in terms of purchasing power in the world. Looking at the current growth and numerous predictions by world renowned institutions this gap will be eliminated in coming 20-30 years.

On the central idea of the book: World wide it’s being proven that if you want to grow your wealth in quantum or create in abundance, create assets working for you. In other words this is what the story of all successful businesses across. Fully agree with the idea.

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One thought on “Rich Son’s book

  1. Growth of middle class is a symptom for economic upgradation. Lack of middle class represents a feudal system where rich and poors are poles apart.
    Good to hear growth of Asian countries is a mettern of concern in west.
    The concern of economic imperialisation is intentionally hidden in the contents of the book, which could be a mattern of concern to Indian economy.

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