What should be role of captain while communicating in media?

I have done it or we have done it? Why Dhoni become so colloquial of his choices, he made before last tour of Australia triangular series? He has all the credit of historical win or has he? I do not know right answer of above questions. But I am shocked to see this news; teamContinue reading “What should be role of captain while communicating in media?”

Seniors vs Juniors; what should be the right selection process?

M S Dhoni recently proved all the critics wrong on his choice of some junior cricketers over seniors by leading a spectacular performance in last CB series. All credit goes to him and his team. But I am surprised why he becomes so colloquial on his choice. As a captain representing a nation, how canContinue reading “Seniors vs Juniors; what should be the right selection process?”

BCCI ready for next Olympic

No, Cricket is not going to be included in next Olympic Games. After mega launch of IPL, BCCI has surprised again by announcing a corpus of Rs 25 crore for sports other than cricket. BCCI and sports ministry will contribute Rs 25 crore each towards national sports development fund which will be applicable for fiveContinue reading “BCCI ready for next Olympic”

ICC ODI Ranking and Indian Cricket

Not surprisingly Australia is no more number one in ODI ranking. South Africa has just taken over the first slot. Credit must go to India as their recent wins against Aussies in CB series forced Australia to step down. One event can change course of history. Last year when India departed very early from worldContinue reading “ICC ODI Ranking and Indian Cricket”

Unconditional Love

Have you ever watched the first sun ray coming to earth? I had very few occasions to feel such experience. one of those is unforgettable. It was during my college days when along with some of my friends, I was trekking at Purnagiri Mountains. Mountains around Purnagiri are famous for religious regions. People walk upContinue reading “Unconditional Love”

Hobby vs Profession

There was a story on Warren Buffet. In his childhood he used to study annual report of various companies during his vacation. That was not intended to become biggest investor. Rather it was derived from his own deep interest to understand financial of a company. We call it a hobby. Fortunately Buffet’s hobby become instrumentalContinue reading “Hobby vs Profession”


There are three types of people in the world. I will explain this with an analogy of a farmer seeding his field for a healthy crop full of grains. Type one people are exceptional achievers. They get level field, healthy seeds and healthy environment. They only sow to get healthiest crop and healthiest grain. IContinue reading “Confusion”