There are three types of people in the world. I will explain this with an analogy of a farmer seeding his field for a healthy crop full of grains. Type one people are exceptional achievers. They get level field, healthy seeds and healthy environment. They only sow to get healthiest crop and healthiest grain. I will explain second type later. Before that here is third type. Type three are just opposite of type one. They do nothing. healthy or unhealthy, good or bad, they do not sow at all. There is a law of nature which every one knows. You will get good crop only if you sow good seed. But for the third type of people opposite is not true. Because its not like if you do not sow anything you will not get anything, instead you will get something in either case. In this case there will be weeds which will not only spoil your level field but also kill the fertility of the ground.
Now the great type two people comes into the picture. They are not given any level field. Their fields are full of weeds created by type three people. These people are real hard worker. They will first remove weeds, then they will cultivate field to make it level and suitable for sowing. Then they will sow and wait for result. And because of lost fertility of ground they will only get variable results in the form of unhealthy to semi healthy crops and grains.
My confusion is on law of Karma. People in type two are basically honest and hard working. They give their full efforts but in return they are still underachievers.
In a society type one and type two can be correlated with high class and the class wanted to upgrade to high class. Type three is parallel to the group institutionalizing evil and crime in the society. This is true in an organizational perspective too.
Confusion number two is instead of cleaning the weeds why not to clean up type three people itself. This could be biggest task to debate for execution. But at least a healthy education system, goverment and society can start the process. The effort will be useful for all of us. Who does not want level playing field and healthy conditions?

Published by Santosh Srivastava

"Jack of all, master of some"

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