Unconditional Love

Have you ever watched the first sun ray coming to earth? I had very few occasions to feel such experience. one of those is unforgettable. It was during my college days when along with some of my friends, I was trekking at Purnagiri Mountains. Mountains around Purnagiri are famous for religious regions. People walk up the hill to see and worship ‘Maa Puragiri’. We did it too for the same reason during Navaratries of Oct’1998. We started in midnight with a target to reach at top at just in the morning. We did so. And you can’t imagine the experience of watching first sun light from top of the world. Every thing was in black and white just before the sun to start his day. And in fraction of a second the color of world changed. Black and white become full of colors no one can count.

The above experience is no way correlated to the center idea of this blog. But this experience gives me some insight on the topic. Sun, the source of power for all, gives us energy uniformly and consistently. Sun, the highest in hierarchy is unconditional donor of power to earth. It is unconditional because sun is not taking any thing in return. This is the law of nature. In humans or even in other living creatures look at the mother. Who gives unconditional love and nurture to her child.

I want unconditional love. I want to extend the same. First you have to give unconditional love to your family, profession, friend or society then only you can expect the same from them. Because it is a give and take process and not a take and give.


Published by Santosh Srivastava

"Jack of all, master of some"

4 thoughts on “Unconditional Love

  1. Give and take process…efficiently presented…4 stars to your post!


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