Serial Blasts. What is the value human life in India?

It happens only in developing countries like India where one after another terrorist attacks keeps government busy in counting causalities. Bangalore, Jaipur, Ahmedabad and Delhi, I do’t know how many more to come. The worst part is inactivity of government to change anything at ground level. Our politicians are expert in blame game. State vs. Center. Or our politicians are even more busy in solving bigger issues than terrorism like Hindi vs. Marathi.

What would have been the sequence of actions if it was happened in developed countries like USA? We have one example in recent history. A 9/11 and then government responds with serial attacks on Afghanistan. At least government there understand value of human life (of course of their own country only) and assures its citizens that they will do anything to secure them. What are we doing? Why our government do nothing attacks after attacks? Is human life value in India is nothing?

This is basically a failure of system. And we all are responsible for that. It can be proved very easily. Let me ask few questions.

Do you think it’s a result of only religious fundamentalism? If yes, think again. Are all the people involved in transportation of RDX, weapons or any other explosives belong to one religion? Are the people clearing the tonnages at various check post doing their job honestly? Are the people supporting these fundamentalist during their stay, travel or anything a society can do with a stranger, not Indians?

As per as government policies are concerned, do we have any comprehensive database on identities of citizen of India? How the government tackles corruption in various government departments? Even in anti corruption department? Why government do not have a common and comprehensive policy on terrorism?

There are infinite number of such burning question. And if we feel that we carry some value of our life, we must seek the answers to these questions.

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3 thoughts on “Serial Blasts. What is the value human life in India?

  1. Condolences to all my Indian friends. Hope this era of violence subsides soon. Though it is very unlikely given the grass root situation in India.

    Though India would like to put the blame on International Terrorist organizations and networks beyond the its borders. The blames of home grown terrorists organizations lies within India for several reasons.

    The biggest reason is that in last two decades Political Parties exploited religions to get to power, they won Elections but left a lot of victims and losers and their children behind, now they are coming of age and very angry and full of resentment. This situation makes them very Vulnerable
    to recruitment for extremest and terrorist causes.

    I do not personally know of any governments or NGOs sponsored programs to heal wounds of the victims of infamous communal riots of Gujrat, Bombay and small towns and villages across India at the heights of Nationalist power grabbing struggle regardless of victims’ religions etc. These wounds do not heal themselves, so I kind of wonder if there were any government resources put into psychological healing of all the victims?

    In addition, there is not enough reaching out to fund education, and other economic incentives for minorities, talk about giving something to minorities and it starts fist fights in lok sabah by Nationalists.

    Secularism in India is deeply hurt, its principals forgotten, and no longer practiced, learned/taught. there is great mistrust and hate amongst different communities.

    Hindi vs. Marathi: “Thakuray Effect” are a major factors as well, Economic activity is concentrated in and around Major Metropolitan cities, people living further away from these locations are deprived of basic necessities, when people come to the major hubs of concentrated power and economic activity they get threatened, beaten up, killed, and abused, talk about resentment. This has far reaching consequences in remote states and cities and villages across India by different groups with varying agendas.

    Learning and or comparing India’s situation with US would be a major mistake. India should learn from “Bush Doctrine” throwing hundreds of billions of dollars on military might and a bad penny to salvage the next generation of would be terrorists has brought the current administration to a stalemate with the extremists.

    India needs to focus on two pronged approach by capturing and bring to justice the perpetrators of such heinous atrocities, even if it takes ordering targeted assassinations of planners and terrorist organization leaders in Pakistan and Bangladesh by Indian spying agencies, at the same time invest into reducing such massive amounts of resentment in its minority population. India has to win the trust of its minority population to deny extremists recruitments.

    This should not be considered a strategy of appeasement
    but rather a much needed socio-economic reform to bring every community in India up to par with each other.

    India’s minorities have a stake in it as well, they know very well that terrorist attacks and bomb blasts do not discriminate against their religion.

  2. What is most shocking is the lack of resolve to make our lives secure. One 9/11 and the US learnt a big lesson. But not we, even after many attacks. Very demoralising.

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