Let us anounce “war against terrorism”

Serial blasts are attacks on democratic structure. And I feel the solution lies in our strong democracy itself. None of such malicious activity is possible without the support or involvement of general public directly or indirectly. Terrorist are in our society itself. They are using all the government infrastructure for their plans. They are traveling in same buses or trains. They are using same banking system to transfer money from one hand to another as we do. And somehow they are successful in using us also.

The labors transporting materials from one place to another do not know what is inside the box. They are doing it for their daily living. The person at check post clears all the materials for the want of very small money. Knowingly or unknowingly he is also involve and responsible. The police can not check all the luggage arriving in a city. But they can randomly check. They can use information technology to identify a suspect. I do not know how effectively they are doing their jobs.

These terrorist get shelter in our society. Knowingly or unknowingly they are using us. They could be in my very neighborhood. They are buying a pressure cooker or a bicycle or a bike from the same places where we also buy. Somewhere somehow they must be leaving a scope for a suspicion. At that time tell me honestly how many of will take pain to inform police? I am sure few of us will be daring enough to do. I am using word dare as I feel police has lost its credibility. Many of us will agree that helping police is inviting them to harass yourself.

Another issue is the insensitivity we have developed towards our society and so nation. Very recently a lady got accident on the roads of Mumbai and no one come to her rescue as it is only the responsibility of police. This loss of sensitivity is making us selfish. Most of us think that all the calamities are just a news as long as it not happening with me. Directly or indirectly these attitudes are also helping enemies of democracy.

Before designing a comprehensive solution to the problem of terrorism. We must fill all these gaps already existing in our society.

Published by Santosh Srivastava

"Jack of all, master of some"

2 thoughts on “Let us anounce “war against terrorism”

  1. The greatest effort is to love without love being returned. Identify what motivates an individual and then remove that motivation, what is left, a change of heart, maybe. The greatest effort to exert is to exert no effort. True change comes from within and you speak in terms from without, be the change you want to be and allow these ripples reverberate within the consciousness of others. That’s all you have to control others, to influence others. Maybe you need to spend some time reflecting within your cultural passages from Gandhi and from the Gita….democracy doesn’t need to be fed, it’s an idea; what one labels another, is an idea; and politics and policy does not need to be clothed, this too is an idea. Lose your ideas of what others label other people, learn what these people are motivated by and remove their hardship, comfort your enemy, love them as yourself.

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