Recently I came across a forwarded email on speech made by Pulitzer Prize-winning author, Anna Quindlen at the graduation ceremony of an American university. There was something which made me to reflect on some of the important aspect of life.
The self concept within us can be considered to be self centric from the periphery of life; but it is not fully true. After education we, most of us, take an aspiring career and fix our routine into some well defined commands. In profession we focus most of our energy to fulfill expectations of the organization. Remaining energy is used for the expectation of parents, spouse and children. The only personal expectation which drives us seems to be promotion, salary increment or a better job in highly competitive environment which is least of personal in nature. All these convert our life from hours to days, days to years, and years to ages and in return we make stress as part of our life. By definition, in the case mentioned above, we are selfish but actually we are not as hardly we are doing anything for our real self
In the process we lose our actual requirement of real self. Have we ever reflected to notice that how quickly we are losing our hobbies, friends and love in the journey of life. Can we recall things which fascinated us and we ever thought of living with those. Hobbies for example, books, movies, travel, writing, sports or anything for that matter, can you recall the last time you actively participated to your satisfaction. Take your mobile phone and check the numbers of your old college friend and ask yourself when last time you have talked to them and shared your feeling as you used to do in college days. Think of your parents when, last time, you’d delighted them as you used to do throughout your childhood like your first step, first word, first result, first achievement and then many. Actually we are missing the real happiness which is eternal; instead we are in search of pseudo worldly things and assume those as source of happiness which is very temporary.
It is right time to rethink and discover source of eternal happiness for our real self. If we are successful in doing so the definition of “selfish” will be changed with a positive meaning. And believe me if you successfully discover real you, the other professional and family expectations will also be in right place.

Published by Santosh Srivastava

"Jack of all, master of some"

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