Recently I had some discussion on centering with one of my seniors and discovered few insights which is worth sharing. Centering is a process of meditation in which one can concentrate all his knowledge to attain wholeness. This wholeness could be adequate enough to solve many personal or social problems. To elaborate more lets take an example of process of puzzle solving. Most of the puzzles can be resolved up to one missing data to get before final answer. It happens because we evaluate our options from some or other point of view at a time. In the process of juggling with puzzle, I am sure most of us have experienced, a stage comes when one start thinking on more than one dimensions and point of focus converts from some or other point of views to universal point of view and that is the time when one see the answer. This is the time when one sees the missing link and solves the puzzle. While centering is also the ultimate stage is when all of one’s knowledge becomes available at one point. So what? Is not it amazing to just think that you can access all your accumulated learning, insights and experiences are available to solve your problems? This is centering.

We carry different personalities which are developed in the course of our life. So we have different level of knowledge with different learning, experiences and insights. And believe me all of us have accumulated adequate knowledge to solve any of our problems. However; it’s almost impossible to use all your knowledge at one point of time. Centering through meditation is nothing but collecting all in you at one point and attain the feeling of completeness or wholeness.

The ultimate stage of centering is the point when attains all knowledge. In Hindu mythology it is often referred as “Bramha Gyan” which means knowing the Bramha, the creator of universe, the God. This is the position when one attains detachment from everything. It can be simply explained as if one knows everything, nothing remains significant. However; since gaining knowledge is a process, the centering is also a process. That is why we worship the image of Lord Shiva who is always in Yoga, the meditation or centering.

All the technical, social or philosophical discoveries are the result of centering only. It’s nothing but using your available knowledge to discover the unknown. Look around and think about all innovations and creativity, is not it scientific? If centering is a methodological process all of us can be innovative and creative. All of us can discover undiscovered and ignite multi revolutions at all levels, be it the world, the country, the society or the organization.

Published by Santosh Srivastava

"Jack of all, master of some"

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