NANO, IPL and Politics

This month various news covered three different takes showing successful business strategies, government intelligence and fizzled opportunism. Nano, IPL and political fuzz summarize this week’s headline.

Nano was launched with not a real product but a promissory trust by Tata, which will be delivered from July this year to common people of India. The launch looked more like a financial strategy. By the way of advance booking Tata’s not only assessing their financial and supply chain requirement but also raising funds which could ease their financial hitch which is global in nature now. It makes good business sense. Nano is a real innovation which has demonstrated Indian capability in both manufacturing and strategy. Though, the people of India should be proud of it, a lot of anti Nano SMS campaign started rolling by some people I don’t know whom. But I know it is by those who lost the opportunity which was always there to explore but they did not dare to innovate. Tata’s should not worry about this negative propaganda as their target customers are those, most of whom are not very technology savvy. This is the case of lost opportunity but our political leaders do not lose many. Post IPL shifting news of political reactions, lot of leaders politicized this issue by criticizing government on the grounds of security and national pride. My personal views are in favor of government as they took a stand which seems to be hard and conservative but it is in favor of countries biggest event, the general elections. More than that I am sure it is based on some intelligence information. If it’s true, it’s good to hear that intelligence is in place and government has courage to keep national interest above their own political interests. BCCI, too, demonstrated a business innovation by making IPL, which is truly Indian domestic sport, a global brand. Except viewer’s turnover at the matches, all the business interests are saved. What a week with good show of business strategy, intelligence and opportunism.

Published by Santosh Srivastava

"Jack of all, master of some"

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