Efficient Rural Marketing

Take an off-road from the highway to any village in India, you will find a different world. When you see a defined, natural and unconstructed narrow path, the village road, field with crop or in crop in waiting, small corner with panwala, chaiwala where people in small group discussing local and national issues, natural gardensContinue reading “Efficient Rural Marketing”

Recovery In Slowdown

Last week recovery of sensex, the benchmark index of India’s stock market may have given some boost to the confidence of investors and policymaker but the outlook is still doubtful. The recent rally was inline with global recovery and driven by again FII’s. In April 2009, till today, itself the FII’s investment crossed 1000 crContinue reading “Recovery In Slowdown”


Some interesting inferences from “Bhagwat Gita”* on Power.Sun is the only known source of all the energies available on the earth. Spiritually we believe Sun acquires all the powers. Both statements are similar but look different in different context. Here is an analogy of Sun to understand definition of power.Sun is powerful because it givesContinue reading “ACQUIRE POWER”