Some interesting inferences from “Bhagwat Gita”* on Power.
Sun is the only known source of all the energies available on the earth. Spiritually we believe Sun acquires all the powers. Both statements are similar but look different in different context. Here is an analogy of Sun to understand definition of power.
Sun is powerful because it gives energy to all the planets surrounding him. This energy is the key of existence of all of us. Sun gives moon an opportunity to shine. And moon is known for its beauty and shine of its own. Sun never withdraw his light to moon. Sun creates order around him. For millions of years and for further millions to come, all the planets around him will be in order. All the planets are in harmony and follow certain rules. They follow one rule, the order. And this rule is same for all. By this rule sun creates justice and fairness.
So the deduced definition of power is like this. Power creates harmony and order around it. Power gives energy to others dependent on it. This energy creates self worth among all under the source of power. Power gives others an opportunity to grow and shine. Power believes in justice.
Here is the simplest formula to acquire power. Start giving others power and opportunity. Create order and justice around you. Respect self worth of others especially those following you. Once you get power, use it for universal harmony. Remember power unemployed is like power not possessed.
*“Bhagwat Gita” is vedic (Hindu) mythological holy book.

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