Need of different approach to anti piracy

The view mentioned in the topic will look controversial if the economy attached is not explained. Piracy costing more than 5 lakh jobs and a loss of around one billion dollar to bollywood. See the article in ET ” Pirates of the Indian Ocean” on 18.07.2009. This is the virtual premium industry losing in theContinue reading “Need of different approach to anti piracy”

Law of Conservation of Happiness

In a zeal to achieve something we lose a lot on the way. Is law of conservation of energy applies in life too? The energy is happiness in this hypothesis. So happiness neither can be created nor could be eliminated. Though it can be transformed from one form to another. I had witnessed some examplesContinue reading “Law of Conservation of Happiness”

Air India In-action

When a government enterprise like Air India books huge losses, have you ever thought who is financing it? Government or ultimately the tax payers? Had it not been a government controlled organization, a private company in this situation could have filed for bankruptcy by now. I want to highlight few fundamental things again as considerationContinue reading “Air India In-action”

Recession and Organizational Restructuring

……….discuss the strategies adopted by various companies on their organizational restructuring by either splitting up for growth or consolidation for cost rationalization. Which strategy is better? Should it be a role of a recession manager or a regular activity in regular time.More…… Sanntosh Srivastava publishing