Need of different approach to anti piracy

The view mentioned in the topic will look controversial if the economy attached is not explained. Piracy costing more than 5 lakh jobs and a loss of around one billion dollar to bollywood. See the article in ET ” Pirates of the Indian Ocean” on 18.07.2009. This is the virtual premium industry losing in the name of intellectual property. Let us not confuse my views as I am not advocating piracy, but in turn I want to highlight some of the associated economics and industry inefficiencies.

The first point is the millions of dollars of small scale unorganised industry spread all across India in manufacturing low cost VCD and DVD players. This is one of the largest unaccounted source of self employed youth who earned their skill in small assembling of these consumer electronics to the trade in the supply chain reaching a customer in rural most areas at lowest cost. The point to mention here is the incentive of the rural consumers in buying a vcd or dvd player is the availability of his favourite movie at rs 10 to rs 20 per vcd or dvd. If the cost of same increased to Rs 150 to Rs250, the self employed industry of vcd and dvd players will be crashed.

The second point is the inefficiency of the industry in providing their intellectual properties at reasonable price. If piracy can, if organised players like Moser Baer can, why not others? The government should first set pricing regulatory norms for the industry before taking any harsh action on the piracy. An efficient and transparent price mechanism will protect the incentives of the small scale industries I mentioned in first point.

The third point is different as I agree in favour of anti piracy because of its malicious supply chain originating in Pakistan. This could cost an illegal organised system of flow of goods across borders, the side effects of which need not to be explained. Government should make special task force to bust these systems. Piracy would automatically be curbed.


Law of Conservation of Happiness

In a zeal to achieve something we lose a lot on the way. Is law of conservation of energy applies in life too? The energy is happiness in this hypothesis. So happiness neither can be created nor could be eliminated. Though it can be transformed from one form to another. I had witnessed some examples of high flying executives of corporate world getting heart attacks in very early stages of their life. They are pretty successful in managing their profession but not so in managing their personal life. Unhappiness of so called successful people can be seen in their sluggish desire to maintain a healthy work life balance.

If happiness is energy, containment can be termed as static energy. If one goes towards a dynamic life loses its static energy and gain kinetic one in the form of accomplishments. Being contain is not the solution to conserve the energy as being healthy and maintaining a happy family are also accomplishments.

Now if the total energy is constant, so happiness in this hypothesis, how to increase happiness? you need to convert static energy around you into dynamic opportunity for you and thus increasing the total balance. The other way could be to reduce negative energy and allow it to flow outside your area of influence into the universe.

Air India In-action

When a government enterprise like Air India books huge losses, have you ever thought who is financing it? Government or ultimately the tax payers? Had it not been a government controlled organization, a private company in this situation could have filed for bankruptcy by now. I want to highlight few fundamental things again as consideration for AI. Lean manufacturing is a concept which revolutionased the world can be extented to other areas like lean staffing, lean service infrastructure, and lean collaboration. A government bailout or IPO could be only a temporary solution to finance the losses immediately. But for sustainable survival AI need to focus on cost rationalization, performance, quality of service and customer experiences. Remember,when you determine to become lean you need to invest in quality and services for future. Any ways, thank to government or tax payers, to make AI survive. Hope Air India to be out of “Inaction” to “IN Action”.

Who Am I?

Rene Descartes, a French philosopher once said: ‘I think, therefore I am’. I am thinking so my existence is established. The next question which bothers me is “I”. What is “I”? Whom we refer as “I” when we say “I am”? If I try to put my doubt simply the question is slightly different than “who am I?” Surprisingly a lot of work has been done to find out answer of the question “who am I”. The most difficult looking question has some ready-made
answer in various books and articles. Then there is a devil in me who asks a question, why are you bothered to discover who r you? How does it matter? Enjoy your life when you know the end is certain. Sometimes, devils’ also get philosophical.

It looks very confusing but in reality it’s very simple. As long as I am happy and enjoying my life, nothing matters. Nice conclusion but have I ever thought that lot of things matter simultaneously to make me happy.

Then I thought of myself. Something others will also agree. I can not withstand indefinite wait. Success makes me happy. Incomplete tasks; both personal and professional, bothers me. When I lie, for any reason, I feel tensed. There are lots more similar things to list down. If I have to derive something from above, being happy is easy. Simply wish that you do not have to wait, you are always successful, you never lie and you never leave any task incomplete. Most of people will say it’s impossible. Bhagvad Gita has its saying too on this, that is, define your Dharma, the goal and do your karma for your Dharma, involved positive action, without bothering results. How one should define Dharma? Again we will have to resolve the purpose of our life or in other words the answer of the question who am I.
Back to “I think, therefore I am”. How many of us think that they really think? If I make a theory on this philosophy it would be: “My existence starts with the thinking and quality of the thinking defines our identity. And if I can find my identity, “Who am I?” is answered.”