Law of Conservation of Happiness

In a zeal to achieve something we lose a lot on the way. Is law of conservation of energy applies in life too? The energy is happiness in this hypothesis. So happiness neither can be created nor could be eliminated. Though it can be transformed from one form to another. I had witnessed some examples of high flying executives of corporate world getting heart attacks in very early stages of their life. They are pretty successful in managing their profession but not so in managing their personal life. Unhappiness of so called successful people can be seen in their sluggish desire to maintain a healthy work life balance.

If happiness is energy, containment can be termed as static energy. If one goes towards a dynamic life loses its static energy and gain kinetic one in the form of accomplishments. Being contain is not the solution to conserve the energy as being healthy and maintaining a happy family are also accomplishments.

Now if the total energy is constant, so happiness in this hypothesis, how to increase happiness? you need to convert static energy around you into dynamic opportunity for you and thus increasing the total balance. The other way could be to reduce negative energy and allow it to flow outside your area of influence into the universe.

Published by Santosh Srivastava

"Jack of all, master of some"

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