Jinnah, Partition and freedom of Expression

It seems there is a high correlation between Jinnah and Partitions. After more than 60 years, the ‘demonized’ name ‘Jinnah’ causing a partition in BJP. Jaswant Singh, one of the front faces of BJP being expelled from party on account of differences his views and party ideology. To add more drama in the name of ‘confused’ ideology, Narendra Modi announces ban on the book “Jinnah–India, Partition, Independence” written by Jaswant Singh.

This incident raises few fundamental questions. Is a political ban supersedes our fundamental right of freedom of expression? In a democratic environment, who will decide presentation of history? And from a political point of view, what is ideology?

We have seen similar incidences in the name of religion several number of times. Especially in India, it’s become a fashion for political parties, to define religious sentiments and ideology for the mass. Still we claim that we are in a democracy. With such a decision, BJP shows confusion in their ideology. Advocating ‘Jinnah’ is not against India or against Hinduism. Demonizing ‘Jinnah’ will only prove ignoring participation of Muslim in independence. BJP will get into a confused territory as they have lost an opportunity to change their ‘Hindutva’ face into a ‘Secular’ one. The decision of Narendra Modi, who was once compared with L K Advani for prime ministerial candidature, shows that BJP has to do a lot more to become a real national party.

Jaswant Singh’s views could be a fact or just a theory; in any case it should be either respected or argued with counter theories. Ban on expression should not be a solution, at least in the largest democracy of the world.

Published by Santosh Srivastava

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