Which category of love you are in?

In my previous two posts Unconditional Love and Beauty of Full Moon, I’d discussed two aspects of love; one, its unconditional which does not seek anything in return  like mother nature and two, you need to be crazy to be in real love like Kalidas’ passionate affection for Ratnavali.

Think of a painter who is mixing various colors to produce his or her thoughts on canvas.  The unconditional love, passion along with a little craziness is evident in his or her real work. He or she remains in unconditional love with his work until the work becomes his or her profession. And at this point he or she starts demanding return in the form of appreciation and rewards. So; unconditional love; when exposed to desires converts into conditional love.

The above example is not ‘love of convenience’ in which we choose the most convenient option available to us. Most of us will fall in this category…Well our tailor made professions are the example. This is for people who take so called sound decisions. The beauty of love of convenience is you never realize when you are in real love with your selected option.

Take a case of ‘Chota Hathi’ (an elephant) who is separated from his family and forced to live with a man called ‘Mahavat’, who keeps and train elephants and uses them for his living hood. The ‘Chota Hathi’ was not happy with this hectic schedule of work coupled with undernourished food. And a day came when the ‘Hathi’ got a chance to escape. But he did not do that. He was in love with the ‘Mahavat’. This is love of no choice. In this you fall in love with one who is closest to you irrespective of his or her characteristics. There could be some debatable examples like love of a son towards his father, religion, community, country etc.

I am not going to discuss “love for all”. Instead I will site “love for self” which is actually inherent characteristics of human being. I’d advocated this in my post SELF CONCEPT.

Well; there is lot to explore on love which will appear in my subsequent posts on the topic.

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