Journal; Car Music

Now a days, for last 3 -4 months, I get a chance to enjoy old Hindi song while travelling in car with Patwardhan sir, for office or from office. He’s got a good taste of old Hindi songs especially of around seventies. I am influenced by his passion on not to miss a chance of music concerts in and around Mumbai esp Hindi or Marathi. The effect is to the extent that,  of late , with 60s to70s era music, I got too some of the oldies as my favorites now. You know, a no music to all music taste does not come in seconds…well usually..but my taste for music, this time, got triggered in few seconds.

I always felt that I am not a real found of music. Except Jagjit uncle and Kishore da, no one really drove me to music stores. That was too very selective and more during my college days. In recent times, songs of “love aaj kal” got my attention, thats too in car while travelling with Anoop one day. This song was special. “Aaj Din Chadeya, tere rang..”. It a great romantic score with Sufi touch and a meaningful conversation with God. The first line itself stands both in praise of love and God simultaneously. This song can change my outlook towards music. Other songs of same album, i got attracted to, are ” Dooriya” and “Main Kya Hoon”.

Well.. a song can change your life…

Published by Santosh Srivastava

"Jack of all, master of some"

3 thoughts on “Journal; Car Music

  1. Selection of Music reflectsone’s mood and personality and state of mind. My favourites range from Ghazals, Hip-Hop, western pop and heavy metal to some of the best of Bollywood music. Taste of Music, defines one’s dynamic individualism.

  2. amongst others dynamism is a trait of individuality.

    however, you still working with johnson. kudos. lol.

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