Give me facts, I need reasons to believe

We need reasons to accept a view point and logic to change our own. ‘Reasons’ are typically introduced as ‘facts that count in favor’ of an action or attitude* (from Philosophy, et cetera by Richard). However, reason to believe does not mean that the ‘reason’ is definitely a ‘fact’.

Last few weeks were full of news with reasons as well as logic to think over and challenge your point of views. Some logic can be seen in the IIM’s excogitation of cluster placement and Bajaj’s decision to terminate its scooters. The change is welcomed. We’ve also witness the change in bollywood’s approach with ‘3 idiots’. The 6.30 am show and more than 300 screens a day in Mumbai alone. I think B schools must take a case on bollywood’s innovative branding and communication. Interestingly, we’ve also witnessed changing reasons with the government stand on Telangana issue.

With the outline I am critical on television journalism. When news becomes a business strategy, it’s difficult to differentiate real facts with manipulated one. The manipulation of facts is hyped to sell and we buy with TRP or make morning show sold-out. Nevertheless, ‘3 idiots’ is worth watching to satisfy even hyped expectations. But the similar manipulations had disappointed audience of ‘Blue’. We are not even getting interpreted facts; most of the time its judgments already taken by new channels.

The worst example is coverage of opinion poll, where we see beyond statistics, the almost possible government, and coalition, based on voter percentages categorized in religion, cast, language and geography in so called democratic and secular electoral system of largest democracy in the world. Where is the real journalism?
Another important coverage is the cricket. India wins or loses, TRP will remain intact. And you will be presented interview of Virat Kohli’s 6 year nephew on Kohli’s maiden ton. The favorite of all cricket coverage is questioning and unquestioning of Sachin Tendulkar’s form again and again.

The word is flat but shows various altitudes on similar facts. Nike retains Woods as its brand ambassador and congress welcomes Tiwari’s resignation. I am not a journalist, but people will debate the issues of privacy and publishing of privacy. I am not sure of Nike’s strategies, but in view of recently publicized playboy in Tiger, I am not convinced. This will affect me as a customer of Nike. Fact is intact but whom to blame for? Nike acknowledges Tigers accomplishments more than his private life.

Perhaps they know more of concept of positioning and I am not their target audience. I’ll have to wait longer for quality of journalism in Indian television as that is linked with information revolution, literacy and rural growth.


More will always be less

The article in today’s cosmic uplink section of economic times argued the type of goal. And I, in agreement with the post, infer that most of us have more of self centric goals than even a decimal of self realization goal. The phenomenon of self realization evades fear of failure and sense of comparison to which we refer as competition. You will always be in competition with you and more will always be less because realizing self is like realizing universe.

“I am playing with moist sand and trying to make a home.

The shores are wet and the waves are near

When I try to save home I waste time

When I try to save time, I need time

The sun reminds me to pack up

With a success or without

Because, a home of sand is not to live

Finished or unfinished

I have to leave

What is the loss or what is the gain

It is fun only if it’s a game”

The word ‘Goal’ is important here too. The sense of accomplishment will depend on your goal; whether it is to make a home of sand or just to enjoy at the beach.

Who you want to be; a mother Teresa, a Bill Gates or a Sachin Tendulkar? Or you want to be just you?  What goal are you setting?  Did these people set some goal before being visible? Is there any correlation between my goal and theirs? Confused?

Now it is easy to understand why goal of mother Teresa is (yes ‘is’, not ‘was’  ) more universal and perpetual than a goal of an ordinary person who wants everything in life quickly by any means.  You will also understand the level of self actualization a mother gets, being a mother, while upbringing her kid or kids.

‘More will always be less’ is search of self. But it does not mean that you need to understand whole of universe first to understand you. We have adequate knowledge and opportunity to explore love and happiness around us. Self actualization will automatically take place.

Some insights on routine life

Tea, toast and today’s news, and you get a synopsis of changing world. I always bothered; the daily appearing changes are actually resulting from small changes every day. In past 10 years I’ve witness a lot of change in me and in my surroundings. I believe this will hold true for most of us. I am not debating here on quality of change like good or bad. But, even with acceptance of this fact, I get confused while looking at my recent past in the form of a typical day, a typical week or a typical month, I found everything constant, repetitive and continual. When the change actually happened?

I met a person, of my father’s age, retiring from his job, has made a home, supported his children, make them successful by a mediocre, repetitive, constant and continual job in a government organization.  At 60, is he satisfied? How satisfied will I be if reach 60?

There is no harm in repetition. It trains your subconscious to perform in auto mode. You may not be innovative, but you will be less strained and more relaxed person. But the other part of life’s truth is that we have an active life of approx 60 years in which around 25 years are consumed in educating and training ourselves. Do we early have enough time to achieve everything we really want?

The aspirations are always bigger than the capacity of time available, which is why it is called aspirations. But there are some people who, repetitively and continually challenge the capacity of time. For them, their aspirations are continual accomplishments. We have such examples in every field; name any; sports, arts, business etc.

Accomplishments are always balanced. Otherwise, it’s merle money or result. I believe in a balanced approach to life; challenging your capacity of time for all your professional and personal aspirations. If your personal aspirations like your love life, hobbies etc, trigger a balanced personality in you, your professional accomplishments provide a unique identity. In real terms both are complementary. Without one, the other can appear once in a while, but not in routine.

Journal; Journal

Recently, while I was going through a blog post of Pritish Nandi;  “Letters, tweets, one paisa sms” , I got nostalgic on old memories of letters and emails written in patience with full of emotions. Then I recall my habit or writing diary almost on a daily basis. I carried this habit along my journey till now but could not realize when the words “daily” and “monthly” became synonym. I am still carrying some of my college days diaries. Believe me the mental recreation and a feeling of happiness I get while going through those diaries are unmatchable. To keep this happiness to sparkle in future whenever I wish to,  i took a decision to post my journal on this page.

I am writing on this blog site since 2006. Most of my post can be categories in philosophical or managerial perspective of my experience. Now with journals being added, I’ll be publishing my point of view on interesting personal encounters. The only limitation i feel, while publishing a journal,  is the the difference in freedom when writing on someone. Nevertheless, I’ll try to steer my thoughts to flow unconditionally in all possible directions.