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Recently, while I was going through a blog post of Pritish Nandi;  “Letters, tweets, one paisa sms” , I got nostalgic on old memories of letters and emails written in patience with full of emotions. Then I recall my habit or writing diary almost on a daily basis. I carried this habit along my journey till now but could not realize when the words “daily” and “monthly” became synonym. I am still carrying some of my college days diaries. Believe me the mental recreation and a feeling of happiness I get while going through those diaries are unmatchable. To keep this happiness to sparkle in future whenever I wish to,  i took a decision to post my journal on this page.

I am writing on this blog site since 2006. Most of my post can be categories in philosophical or managerial perspective of my experience. Now with journals being added, I’ll be publishing my point of view on interesting personal encounters. The only limitation i feel, while publishing a journal,  is the the difference in freedom when writing on someone. Nevertheless, I’ll try to steer my thoughts to flow unconditionally in all possible directions.

Published by Santosh Srivastava

"Jack of all, master of some"

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