Wo Todti Patthar

While surfing through web, I came across one of the best poetries of Suryakant Tripathi Nirala’s “ Wo Todti Patthar”. A poet, who was well aware of hardship of life, explains same of a labor woman working on roads of Allahabad in peak summer. It forced me to say something related with all of us.

We owe something to the woman in Nirala’s poetry for her contribution to our economy. People will argue on socio-economic balance due to financial compensation given for the work done. Because there will always be some or other person for every job. I question, whether its possible to compensate in real terms?

The woman in Nirala poetry gives more than what she receives in the form of money against eight hours of work. Loss of health, loss of age due to loss of health, the opportunity cost for not able to make her next generation more capable due to lack of time and money. Is economic value of eight hours given in the form of minimum wage equal? Imagine the contribution of this women in all the infrastructure we use directly or indirectly; roads, buildings, flyovers, manufacturing etc. All of us are interconnected with this woman.

Irrespective of gender and singularity in this poem, the size of this women is more than 25% population of our country who are below poverty line.

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2 thoughts on “Wo Todti Patthar

  1. I think the theme of the poem is quit different from what you mention here, but its up to you what you see in that. because its “Poem” A form of art which can be different from your point of view but try to get what actually Nirala want to tell.

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