When Angel of My Life Arrived

I get my deepest sleep in earliest part of morning. In similar time of that morning, Shweta touched my feet to wake me up with a concern and fear on her face. For a fraction of second I could not understand anything. In another fraction of second all the concern on her pregnancy ran through my mind. And then I decoded what she was saying; “I am bleeding”.

In few minutes we were at hospital; the Origin Center, the first thing doctor advised nurse (over phone) to record heart rate of baby. Heart rate? yup..regular practice before delivery of child. We could only see the machine, some wavy fluctuation, some beeps, with weird and frightened face and with an ear open to listen what nurse would just say. I do not know what my baby’s heart was feeling at that time. But I know one thing for sure, that out hearts were beating abnormally. Finally nurse smiled and we took some breath.

After observation Doctor advised immediate operation. Operation was expected earlier because of known complications with Shweta but the word IMMEDIATE was little shocking. Immediate? Much before due date? Well no other option.

I was not prepared. Lot of thoughts and suggestions started appearing into my mind. I recalled Atul’s suggestion, to keep some clothes, camera etc in a bag in advance which I never did. I had to arrange all these things in few minutes. I drove quickly to my house, picked up some essentials that came into my mind along with camera. My mausi (maternal aunty) asked me for some breakfast. I took some. And then Shweta called me, “I am going into operation theater”

I hurriedly entered the area near operation theater thinking and cursing of being late. There was pin drop silence. One nurse and one sweeper were moving around. One day before in a ward near to operation theater twins born. And I thought its my turn to get get my baby. In few minutes from then, I heard a voice, a baby voice, crying in full. ‘Is it mine? ..It could be one of the twins in near ward..could be mine as well..’. Then the sweeper appeared for her regular activity who is not supposed to give such good news but I could not control my curiosity and I  asked, “who’s crying?”. Well the answer was something which both of us, Shweta and me, waited for long.  “Your baby” she said with a congratulatory smile without mentioning the gender of my baby. She was born. And I was born as well as father. Then nurse in operation theater called me to come inside.

Dr Gokhle is a child specialist. I never met him before. Hospital arranges such specialist at the time of delivery of baby. He introduced me to my baby, a baby girl. Prisha (Prisha is named later), was in a typical shape of new born, crying in full when nurse was cleaning her body with cotton. A delighted feeling with a little concern of how she must be doing while coping with new world. Then nurse gave one small injection to the baby that time I actually realized what fullest cry mean for a baby just born. Before I could see, touch or feel my baby in my hand, doctor bombed me by saying “Baby s slightly underweight, we need to keep her in NICU for a min of 2 days”

That was the time when first pick my baby in my own hands. And soon she was in NICU when I took her first photographs. 1

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