First Vaccination

That was usual time when I entered in my house. Prisha was lying on the mat over floor and trying to crawl. As I saw, she started looking at me, stared for a moment, identified me and gave a good smile without a delay even for a fraction of a second.

This smile is good enough for me to get rid of all anxiety and fatigues of the day. And this smile is what I wait whole day to see, feel and assimilate. This is now a regular activity in my evening when after getting freshens up, the first thing I do is a good time with her. She is the one who adore me unconditionally with a laugh on every action of mine. She smiles even if I pretend to shout on her. A five and half month toddler can teach you the biggest lesson of life; ‘we do not need a reason to get smile on our face; just smile’. This time something happened which is not very regular, she, after a little play in relax mood suddenly started crying for no reason. In a flash I was in a flashback, the sound of her high-pitched voice led me to the day when I saw her crying on her first vaccination.

Dr. Gokhle gave the first vaccination when she was just four days old, still on external feed, small, less than 2 and half kilograms in weight. There were two different vaccines, both for injection purpose, one on side of arms and another on thighs. Doctor injected the first one on the arms and that was something much unexpected shock for Prisha after the birth. She, in shock, from a deep sleep, tightened her lips, was about to scream, when doctor injected second vaccine on thighs. That was the limit. And her scream was all time high, I wished not to feel this again. It was painful for both of us, watching your baby crying helplessly is a curse.

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