Pace on Human Timeline

greedWe took millions of years to transform from animals to humans, as we know today. Then over 60000 years to discover agriculture. And around 9000 years after agriculture, to make machines working for us.

On such a slow pace on evolution timeline, the machine was just 200 years ago. In the last 100 years, it looks we discovered everything. Could our grandfathers ever imagined how equipped we would be with resources and technology today? Aren’t we blessed?

But something still not changed, the basic human insecurities and greeds. Long before we learned to accumulate things, millions of years ago ants had the knowledge of when, how and how much to accumulate food. Perhaps we learned from them but have gone too far. Ants still accumulate only as much as they need.

(c) Santosh_Srivastava

#Philosophy, #Evolution

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