Pledge #1 : Bhagavad Gita for corporate professionals, what pledge we can take?


While working on my first book -The Gita Way, I found numerous insights in Bhagavad Gita that can transform us. I found an enlightening pattern that emerges gradually from chapter one to chapter eighteen. All these deductions make a meaningful sense to me as a professional working in a corporate world and I can see its applicability to everyone.

In COVID19 fight, when most of us working from home, I decided to spend 30 mins every day and share it one by one.

Today is Day#1 and Pledge#1

V 1.14 Mounted on a mighty chariot yoked to white horses, Madhava (Krishna) and the Pandava then blew their celestial conch shells

Announce the goal of war, as Krishna and Pandava did just before the war by blowing their divine conch shells. In the following verses V15 to V17, there are details of specific conch shells each Pandava used.

For Instance, Krishna blew Panchajanya, Yudhishthira did Anantvijaya, Bhima blew one which was named Paundra, the performer of formidable deeds. All these names symbolise the goal of the great war from their individual perspective. For Krishna, it was for the universal purpose of Dharma, for Yudhishthira for the victory in the war and for Bhima it was an announcement of his power. In a war like Mahabharata where the enemy is standing just before you, such an announcement makes a lot of sense. The sound of conchs created ripples in the heart of opponents who heard it from the opposite side. But more than the effect it made to others it was for the individual self. We have the biggest enemy inside us which appears in the form of fear or doubt. This sound of conch shell made the same impact inside generating confidence, motivation, passion and enthusiasm adequate enough to even die for the purpose.

So, the first promise we as a professional can make is just announcing our immediate, medium-term or long-term goal and then enter into the war to make it happen. Trust me most of us can make a list of expectations we have from others but few would be in a position to articulate what exactly he or she wants from himself or herself. Announce your goal and blew the shell conch in your mind and be ready to even die for the purpose you set for yourself.

The very first verse of Gita defines Kurukshetra (the battlefield) as Dharmakshetra (the field of duty). Combining these two shlokas, let’s announce our Promise to the self:

1-     Define your Kurukshetra, the battlefield.

2-     Define your professional goal

3-     Announce it in any form- blog it, post it, tweet it, tell it to your friend, or comment here (#mypledge)

The promise made to self manifests itself. Do it and see the magic.

Tomorrow I will post the second pledge we can take based on the Chapter2 of Bhagavad Gita.

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Bhagavad Gita Translation Reference: Sutton, Nicholas. Bhagavad Gita: The Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies Guide (p. 26). Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies.

Photo: ehud-neuhaus, Unsplash


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