The Secret of Mona Lisa Smile

The secret behind  mysterious smile of Mona Lisa  is discovered by scientists recently. The noticeable fact was the constituents of painting and the way Leonardo da Vinci had applied. Surprisingly, forty layer of glaze with various pigments and use of various other chemicals in one painting to create a shadow effect around the smile ofContinue reading “The Secret of Mona Lisa Smile”

Some insights on routine life

Tea, toast and today’s news, and you get a synopsis of changing world. I always bothered; the daily appearing changes are actually resulting from small changes every day. In past 10 years I’ve witness a lot of change in me and in my surroundings. I believe this will hold true for most of us. IContinue reading “Some insights on routine life”

Journal; Journal

Recently, while I was going through a blog post of Pritish Nandi;  “Letters, tweets, one paisa sms” , I got nostalgic on old memories of letters and emails written in patience with full of emotions. Then I recall my habit or writing diary almost on a daily basis. I carried this habit along my journey till now but couldContinue reading “Journal; Journal”

Journal; Car Music

Now a days, for last 3 -4 months, I get a chance to enjoy old Hindi song while travelling in car with Patwardhan sir, for office or from office. He’s got a good taste of old Hindi songs especially of around seventies. I am influenced by his passion on not to miss a chance of music concerts in andContinue reading “Journal; Car Music”

Slow and Steady

I’d been taught from my childhood and experienced too, that slow and steady wins the race. Undoubtedly I agree that its true but what is the most important word in this saying; ‘slow’ or ‘steady’.  We will agree that it is ‘steady’. So what about ‘fast and steady’? If slow and study can win theContinue reading “Slow and Steady”

Jinnah, Partition and freedom of Expression

It seems there is a high correlation between Jinnah and Partitions. After more than 60 years, the ‘demonized’ name ‘Jinnah’ causing a partition in BJP. Jaswant Singh, one of the front faces of BJP being expelled from party on account of differences his views and party ideology. To add more drama in the name ofContinue reading “Jinnah, Partition and freedom of Expression”

Two Concerns for Indian Market

Quick recovery of Indian stock market was driven by various factors including global recovery, an assurance of stable government and futuristic potential of Industrial growth in India. I do not have any doubt in longer term. In short run, i have two doubts which could affect performance of market. The first is the poor monsoon,Continue reading “Two Concerns for Indian Market”