We are now conditioned to the word ‘cost’

We are now conditioned to the world ‘cost’. It was recession which hastened us to think of ‘cost’, otherwise, I am sure, none of us ever have considered cost as prime strategy. During the recent downturn, most of the companies improved or sustained their relative bottom lines with the help of cost cutting measures. AccordingContinue reading “We are now conditioned to the word ‘cost’”

When to kill a product?

Usually, when a product manager takes a decision to kill a product, service or a segment we assume that a proper analysis must be in place on financial, organizational and strategic factors. This means such products are at the end or at least towards the end of their life cycle. In other words the keyContinue reading “When to kill a product?”

Coaching is an Art

All CMMi (Capability Maturity Model Integration) 5 level companies have institutionalized coaching and mentoring. There are scientific patterns defined just to follow and it will make you a successful coach or mentor. There is no doubt that such system gives an structured way to define profiles of employee which can be used for their futureContinue reading “Coaching is an Art”

Positioning Through Neuromarketing

Recently I was surfing for term neuromarketing on the web. After a great deal of digging, I found simplest definition from Wikipedia.org to restate here: Neuromarketing is a new field of marketing that studies consumers’ sensorimotor, cognitive, and affective response to marketing stimuli. Researchers use technologies such as functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to measureContinue reading “Positioning Through Neuromarketing”

COST is a Strategy

Post financial crisis of 2008, followed by fear of sustained recession, most of the players across various industries have realized the importance of four letter word COST. I define COST as a strategy which has emerged out of recession. The startegic definition of COST is explained below. C : Collaborative Operations O : Optimization ofContinue reading “COST is a Strategy”

Surprise the Expectation of Consumer Every Time

When we say we market is changing we should ask ourselves who is changing the market? If it is not you, changes done by your company will not yield significant gain. I am going to discuss changes in market dynamics with respect to introduction of new products. If a company is not leading the productContinue reading “Surprise the Expectation of Consumer Every Time”

Recession and Organizational Restructuring

……….discuss the strategies adopted by various companies on their organizational restructuring by either splitting up for growth or consolidation for cost rationalization. Which strategy is better? Should it be a role of a recession manager or a regular activity in regular time.More…… Sanntosh Srivastava publishing

What Motivates You?

Have you ever tried to identify the key drivers which define your integrity and commitment to the organization you are working for? Lets look this question beyond pay cheques, promotions or other best HR practices. Also beyond morale and value system we have learned in our upbringing. I’ve tried to find out the answer outContinue reading “What Motivates You?”

Efficient Rural Marketing

Take an off-road from the highway to any village in India, you will find a different world. When you see a defined, natural and unconstructed narrow path, the village road, field with crop or in crop in waiting, small corner with panwala, chaiwala where people in small group discussing local and national issues, natural gardensContinue reading “Efficient Rural Marketing”

Recovery In Slowdown

Last week recovery of sensex, the benchmark index of India’s stock market may have given some boost to the confidence of investors and policymaker but the outlook is still doubtful. The recent rally was inline with global recovery and driven by again FII’s. In April 2009, till today, itself the FII’s investment crossed 1000 crContinue reading “Recovery In Slowdown”