From The Book- The Gita Way


What Motivates You?

Have you ever tried to identify the key drivers which define your integrity and commitment to the organization you are working for? Lets look this question beyond pay cheques, promotions or other best HR practices. Also beyond morale and value system we have learned in our upbringing. I’ve tried to find out the answer out my own industry experience and discovered that at least one or more than one of the following four drivers are must to define your commitment and the associated approach to your work in any organization or industry:

1. The degree of believe in the product or services you are working for. More the believe more the association. The degree of believe should be to the extent that your personality can be identified with the product or services you are in.
2. The feeling of ‘WOW’ on the present strategies or future plans of the company. It is company’s top management responsibility to make this clear and transparent down the line. It could be fully or partially in your hands too.
3. There should be a leader in the organization who should be inspiring enough to be your role model. If there are such personalities, you will find that your personality will take a radical shift. If there are no such personalities in your organization, well, there’s an opportunity.
4. Last but not the least the clarity of your own carrier growth path. It should match your ambitions and futuristic financial requirements.

Well to find your motivation just asses the product or services, the strategies, the leaders of you organization and your own ambitions.